About Us


Inno Bag Closures is a passionate, innovative organisation that supplies bag closures, Clipps and binding materials in the Australian and New Zealand bakery, dry goods, and produce industries. 

We are proud to have brought genuine competition to a market that has been previously dominated by one supplier - Finally, there is an alternative in the bag closure market!

Formed in 2010, and starting from humble beginnings , the company has grown and become a reliable alternative for all needs in the bag closure market. 

As a customer focused and driven company – our customer is always our first priority.

Great Partnerships

Inno Bag Closures is an agent for Schutte Bagclosures - Europe -the top bag closure company in Europe. We supply an extensive range of Schutte bag closure products to our customers.

We have joined with the successful O F Packaging- a flexible packaging supplier with a focus on innovation and collaboration, actively involved in the global market and supplier of packaging education and sustainability information to both industry and brand partners.

These partnerships allow Inno Bag Closures to support and supply manufacturers of all sizes with their bag closure requirements.

 Visit our O F Packaging website here for any flexible packaging, pouches and packaging film needs.