Bag Closing Machinery


Clipps Dispenser XK

The Clipps Dispenser XK is the ideal solution for closing all kinds of bags.
The compact size and easy operation makes this machine the ideal choice for use behind your display counter.

Equipped with a basic stamper, this machine can be used with our K-Clipps with Labels or Best Before to provide an easy solution to date printing your product. Made of stainless steel, this unit can be easily secured to your benchtop surface and is made for smaller production.

- 400mm long x 170mm wide x 250mm high
- Lightweight 2.8 kg compact and simple unit
- For use with K-type Clipps on reels


Automatic Clipslock Bag Closing Machine

Our Automatic Clipslock Closing Machine provides high functionality without complication for large production lines. Made from stainless steel, this machine can close up to 3000 bags per hour, and is perfect for medium-large-size bakery and produce businesses.

It comes with Crust Detection and easy Stop/Start mechanism, with both left and right-hand operation available. In addition, the date stamper attachment included with the Automatic Clipslock provides the complete package for stress-free closing.

- Pneumatic Connection: 4 Bar-ca. 10Ltr. per min (speed dependent)
- Electrical Connection: 220/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz.
- 12 month warranty on machine and parts
- For use with either B or G- type Clipps on reels.

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